We invite artists from NYC and beyond during the summers to come to the country and make works in progress. The artists have a testing ground on an audience at the end of the retreat period during a full day event. Our emphasis is on site specificity, collaboration and multi-disciplinary experimentation without the limitations of hectic city schedules and fettered ears and fingers to Iphones.
We call our retreat I-M-A-R, a “Co-Laboratory” for the arts, and we would love to share it with you.

SHADOWLAND August, 2014

UTOPIAS August, 2013

Our utopia was a freedom of the body, a freedom of the mind and a communal experience of sharing and learning.

Invitation to our Arts Extravaganza

Invitation to our Arts Extravaganza

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Indian Mountain Arts Residency ( I-M-A-R ) is a co-laboratory that emphasizes multi-disciplinary, collaborative and site-specific work.